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Our lessons arebased on Dr E. Gordon's Music Learning Theory, applied to piano lessons by Marilyn Lowe in her series Music Moves for Piano.

Music Learning Theory (MLT) is a richly researched theory of how music is learned, MLT draws elements from the vast history and research of many renowned pedagogues including Kodaly, Orff, Dalcroze Eurythmics and also incorporates the work of Laban, a leading movement theorist and pioneer of modern dance.


The underlying goal of MLT is to develop ‘audiation,’ which essentially means to listen, hear and imagine with understanding. This is the key to empowering YOU to be the best musician you can be,

Audiation is similar to the Kodaly philosophy of ‘sound before symbol,’ but a key point of difference is the emphasis in MLT on the rhythmic and harmonic context of the sound or pattern.

A vocabulary of familiar patterns is established within the different rhythmic contexts (duple, triple or unusual metre), and harmonic contexts (major, minor, dorian mode, mixolydian mode etc.). This is important as the context gives real meaning to sound, and understanding it enables musicians to engage better in the music, especially in creative endeavours.


We learn best when we feel safe and are having fun. Our lessons are full of fun activities to engage our brain and enable us to enjoy the experience. 

We believe in the importance of quality performance, but we look deeper than performance. It is about embracing the joy ofthe whole journey.

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